We are Andrew & Krystal Armstrong.  Two married-students from TX (& a few other places) trying to finish our degrees in Cinema so we can start our filmmaking careers.  You can follow some of our productions at the Foothold Productions blog.
We met in Dallas through friends at DBU, in late 2003, became a couple January 5th, 2004, and got married on Saint Patrick's Day (March 17th), 2007 in Bryan, TX, where his parents were living at the time.
Keep reading for more insight into us individually, and click on our names to visit our IMDb pages.  Feel free to ask us more if we left anything out.

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I'm an INFP (Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiver) aka "Idealist Healer" on the Myers-Briggs/Jung personality profiles.  (Take the test to see what you are)  As such, one of my traits is great interest in understanding people, and wanting to be known/understood myself.  So I love personality test things & really want to know what yours are, so do take it and let me know!
There are obviously a lot of different things to know about me, but a few are:
I'm a Christian, I feel like God may not love that we're all divided into denominative labels, so I just like to say I'm simply 'a Christian,' who believes in His Son Jesus Christ as my personal Lord & Savior, who Loves us & wants personal relationship with us.  I also believe in His Word, the Holy Bible as ultimate Truth.

My husband has dubbed me "insatiably curious" /inquisitive.  I 'm constantly wondering, and wanting to understand better how things work and mostly why things are the way they are, etc.  So I ask a lot of questions, and really want genuine answers.  People tend to not love all my questions and often don't give me thoughtful answers, but I really appreciate it when you do!
God gave me an immense love & appreciation for His Creation.  I love nature & wildlife & being in it.  My favorite thing is being outside at night, near water.  Kinda sounds weird.  I love the heavens, & all the celestial bodies He put in motion up there.  I love star gazing, the constellations, & their mythic stories.  I love stories in general.  And I think my Dad the photographer (among many of his talents) gave me that love of the former.  Growing up he had a lot of telescope star parties, beautiful photos of galaxies he took hanging up in his study, trips to the Flandro Planetarium & mountain-top Observatories, and I remember when he taught me how to find the big dipper by placing little rocks in its shape on our driveway in Tucson one night.

I also love animals, especially the wild furry ones, like wolves.  Domestically I love dogs & rabbits, and am having extreme withdrawals without them here at school with no pets.

I also have a fascination with all things Irish/Celtic.  And would really like to have a countryside cottage on the Emerald isle.

I'm an artist & a reader.  I value intelligence very highly (another thing I got from my Dad, and the women on my mom's side).  I appreciate good typography, grammar, spelling, & punctuation.  And am pretty good at editing those things.  Though oddly enough I hate writing, and may not be the best at it in my own original writings.
I enjoy graphic design (my minor at school), I recently discovered I'm a very detail oriented person, and good composition of art, design, or on-screen shots is a big deal to me (my highest scores on the GT tests in middle school were 'Spacial Relationships.')

I love to paint, draw, color, swim, dance, go on walks, watch movies, read stories, learn, watch documentaries, star gaze, snuggle, go amping, & climb trees/mountains.  And would love to tell you more if you were to ask :)  Just caring enough to ask, makes my day.

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