Friday, November 2, 2012

Something New

So I was re-visiting this always-neglected blog tonight, and boy, that random yoga post really needed to not be the last thing up at the top of the blog.
And then I saw this one below, and started to write a little edit reply, which I decided to just turn into this new post instead.

...just a little update on where we're at I guess.
It's been about a year and a half since we left JBU in Siloam Springs, AR.  It's been a good and exciting time; lots has happened.  We've worked on a bunch of fun productions, including more than one unit of a feature film; spent some time in Roswell, L.A & other parts of California, Dallas, Siloam again, and are currently in San Antonio.  Lots of long production roadtrips have been had.  Little Blue (our beloved old car) turned 200K crossing a bridge on the way back to Siloam this year!

I got a job as a Graphic Artist for an international Sign Company here in S.A., and Andrew's been keeping busy with contract production work (lots of traveling for him recently).  We're still staying with Andrew's amazing parents but are finally at a point where we can stand on our feet a little better and get a little place of our own.  It's probably going to have still be here in San Antonio for a while because of my job....but boy do I miss Dallas, and still super, really want to move back.  My company even has headquarters there I'd love to transfer to, but they're not able to take me on there yet.

Within the next few weeks we should have found and moved into a new place, and life will keep on rolling.
(until we get a reason/find a way to move to the next city on our journey!)

So what's new with you?

Andrew & I in that famous Los Angeles wash this Summer.