While this is a blog originally designed to let friends & family keep up with us, we've been been so busy we haven't been good at keeping with ourselves!  So (at least in its beginnings) it's mainly just been a place for me (Krystal) to pop in and post something I think is really great & want to remember or share.  So the 'we' of this site has momentarily been 'me,' but Andrew and I both have high-hopes to finally get a little settled when school's done and keep you posted on more personal endeavors/adventures as promised.

All that to say, while this blog is mainly run by me, I'm a verbal communicator or "Words person" and greatly appreciate your comments & feedback!  So write me, or leave us as many comments as you like...'Lord knows I don't hold back on my own comments & questions on other's walls/posts/blogs, etc.!

Apart from our blog comments you can personally contact us via E-Mail Here.

And don't forgot to click on our 'about us' Page, labeled "A&K" at the top of the page in the tabs.  You'll find the lists of our other webpages & places you can locate/contact us is, (i.e. IMDb, Facebook, etc.)

-Krystal :)