Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Quiet Morning

Funny how little things make your thoughts go unexpected places.
     Since Husband doesn't eat breakfast and is gone right now, I was making myself a nice meal of turkey sausage, blueberry whole grain waffles and eggs (love breakfast!)  As I stand there scrambling eggs I begin to wish I could make them as good as my Granddad.  And suddenly I'm missin' him something sore!  On this quiet morning I'd decided to keep myself company with our favorite Sunday morning Pandora station, Traditional Country Hymns.*  Of course once I start thinking about my GrandDad, "I'll Fly Away" was the next song to come up.  This song will always make me think of him, as sort of his anthem.  He was an awesome pilot, and it was one of the hymns my Grandmother picked to be sung at his funeral.

So when I bucked up, and finished cooking, and was sitting in my little breakfast nook staring out the bay window as I ate, admiring the sunlight dancing through the leaves in all the big trees that line our backyard [writing-pause as my bridal song "Be Thou Vision" just came on :)]...  suddenly a big wind gusts through and all these magical leaves fluttered down through my backyard from the treetops above.  ...So Beautiful.
Especially with the nice background music.

I may not be with family, or back home in Texas, but I'm very aware of what a beautiful place God has me in right now.  Right where He wants me to be.  It's a nice part of America, it's "The Natural State" which He knew I'd like, I'm still in my home country, land of the free, home of the brave.  And this is just as nice a place to land :)

'So Blessed and looked after, by my true Father in Heaven.

As posted to Instagram yesterday, but right on theme for this week God and I have shared alone, at home:
"The butterfly love note God sent.  While I was waking up, laying in bed, it landed on my window in the morning light.  And flapped and showed off its wings for quite a while for me :)   A nice visitor since I didn't have my Roo to wake up to."

*That station is awesome, it's so fun, and inspiring, and mostly filled with the beloved songs I grew up with in Church (and wish I still heard more these days).  But if you don't like 'old stuff' a lot of the songs are done by newer bands (Third Day, etc.) with just enough modern twist, but with the familiar lyrics and tunes.  'Just makes you feel good.  Even if you're not a Believer, you should try it, I think they're just fun songs to make for a Happy morning!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Understanding the 'Local Food' Cry

Have you ever wondered what's up with "Buy/Eat Local?" 


To be honest, I've heard that for years, but no one ever says why.   I'd mostly heard it in conjunction with 'support local farmers.'  Which makes sense, I mean who doesn't want to help 'the little guy,' the potentially struggling farmer who is your local neighbor.  And I've always known that transporting food long distances isn't great for the environment in respect to that 'carbon footprint' idea.
But somehow I didn't really get the real reason behind it, 'til I heard Carolyn Steel's TED Talk about how food shapes cities, and really our world.  Within her first few comments, it kindof clicked, that theoretically it's what's best for us on a global scale; environmentally and socially, etc. 
I guess it also comes down to sustainability (another word I've recently come to grasp just a little bit better, but maybe that's another post/story).  If we could all eat from locally grown and harvested produce, then maybe distant parts of the world wouldn't have to keep clearing forests, and ruining land to make mass-produced crops that then also have to be shipped really far away.  All done very industrially.  
Idunno, the general idea makes more sense internally, than when I try to type out an explanation.
But, you might take a minute (or 15) and watch this interesting, informative talk. You History folk might like it just for the historical look. 


And speaking of 'eating local,' I've been pretty interested in Farmers Markets and eating 'natural' for a long time, but have only been to a few recently, and mostly enjoyed natural food stores like WholeFoods, for variety, and convenience; but I'm definitely now in the mood to go visit what's apparently knows as "The Crown Jewel of Fayetteville"... the Fayetteville Farmers Market (which I've been meaning to visit since we moved here at the beginning of the month).
Who's with me?

(See, Activists? When you actually inform people about your slogan or cause [whatever it may be] and what's behind it, they're way more interested to get on board and be proactive with you!)

Photo not by me, I assume the Photographer is Jennie Frake, as it was from her photography site.

PS- Update.  
There's almost always a lot more to consider on both sides of a point like this, and usually a bunch of stuff  'on the other hand' that can easily make these plans not totally the best option. But I was at least pleased to have finally a better understanding of their cry... rather than completely jumping on board.  Though the romantic in me, does want this notion to pan out just as she suggests it would.

My very wise friend, Jared B., kindly replied with this reminder:
"On the other hand, I have heard the 'eat local' reasoning does not stand up to scrutiny. For example, the rain-forest-clearing reasoning seems less obvious when one considers it takes less land to mass-produce crops than for small-time farmers with diverse crops. Economy of scale actually lets the big growers do it with a lower carbon footprint than the local grower, too.I like local markets because you can buy more ripened produce and bigger better & cheaper watermelons. They're definitely something worth taking advantage of, so enjoy your trip."

Friday, November 2, 2012

Something New

So I was re-visiting this always-neglected blog tonight, and boy, that random yoga post really needed to not be the last thing up at the top of the blog.
And then I saw this one below, and started to write a little edit reply, which I decided to just turn into this new post instead.

...just a little update on where we're at I guess.
It's been about a year and a half since we left JBU in Siloam Springs, AR.  It's been a good and exciting time; lots has happened.  We've worked on a bunch of fun productions, including more than one unit of a feature film; spent some time in Roswell, L.A & other parts of California, Dallas, Siloam again, and are currently in San Antonio.  Lots of long production roadtrips have been had.  Little Blue (our beloved old car) turned 200K crossing a bridge on the way back to Siloam this year!

I got a job as a Graphic Artist for an international Sign Company here in S.A., and Andrew's been keeping busy with contract production work (lots of traveling for him recently).  We're still staying with Andrew's amazing parents but are finally at a point where we can stand on our feet a little better and get a little place of our own.  It's probably going to have still be here in San Antonio for a while because of my job....but boy do I miss Dallas, and still super, really want to move back.  My company even has headquarters there I'd love to transfer to, but they're not able to take me on there yet.

Within the next few weeks we should have found and moved into a new place, and life will keep on rolling.
(until we get a reason/find a way to move to the next city on our journey!)

So what's new with you?

Andrew & I in that famous Los Angeles wash this Summer.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Yoga...So apparently it's kinda fun

So a few weeks back I decided I really want to get involved in some kind of adult fitness classes to lean and lengthen my muscles (and to get more fit all over).  I decided I'd aim for ballet, pilates &/or yoga... since they're all kinda like dance which tends to stretch and lengthen muscle tone...and I just miss being in dance.
Knowing that we're moving with Andrew's parents to a place in north San Antonio come the beginning of February, I started looking up options for such classes & studios, in that S.A. area.  I figured the New Year would also mean there are good deals because of everybody's New Year's resolution sales.  I found a nice YMCA with some good classes near the house, and even a really great looking Women's fitness center & spa that also offers 24 hr equipment access + classes to boot.
     Then I realized the New Year was about to start and I really didn't need/want to waste a whole month of not being active, here in New Braunfels, before we move into the City.  And after looking into those other places I realized most places offer discounted or free classes for the new customers, so I went ahead and started looking to see what might be offered here for me to take advantage of in this last month in NB.
     Being a small town there isn't a lot offered, but I did find this really neat little yoga studio in Gruene Lake Village (the cutest little, new, shop/boutique community I'd never seen before).  They have a really great website that gave me a lot of confidence in them and info all about all their classes, and each instructor, etc.  It's kinda pricey, but I went ahead and decided to go for it, just buying the Beginner's $20 unlimited first week, so I can go to as many classes as I'd like, for this whole week.  Oh and they have "Happy Hour" yoga every Friday for just $5 at the door, so I'll probably do at least those for the next couple weeks, too.
     Tonight I went to my first Basics & Beyond class.  I started off by being late, ugh.  They wanted me there 10 minutes early, so I tried to be even earlier, but of course I got a little turned around trying to find it, and ended up a couple minutes late to the class.  Not a great 1st step, since I was afraid I'd throw off their Chi by walking in late and I might have to miss the whole class.  But the instructor welcomed me at the door, and let me in, and despite her casting aside my mat saying "that won't do" and lending me one of their 'proper' ones to use, it went quite well from there.
     It was an hour and 15 minutes, and I had pretty good form all the way through, thanks to my lessons in posture (dance and choir), positions from ballet, and naturally good balance.  Which was very encouraging to hear when my stances were "beautiful."  Apart from not exactly knowing what some of the words meant, or if my head was in the right direction, and having my naturally pointed toes being corrected to flex my feet instead (another dance habit) was all pretty easy to do and understand.  And of course that obvious boost of good mood endorphins from working out was present at the end of it all.  I'm sure it's from the stretching, and new uses of muscles, but nothing like a shot of positive reinforcement to also put you in a good mood!
     Oh and the cherry on top, was that it was a perfect day to start, since yesterday Andrew's Mommy bought me this really fun, crazy, hot-pink tank top I wanted, just for working out in.  The color, "90s Pink," is so bright & crazy it can't not make you it was fun to have a new piece of workout clothing to wear too!  All in all a fun experience, and I'm looking forward to the other classes I go to this week, though I'm a little nervous about attending any that doesn't specifically say 'beginner' or 'basic' in the title, so I might only get to do 3 total this week, according to the schedule.

And here is a photo of me after my first yoga my happy new hot-pink tank top.  Neon sure brings me back to my childhood, does it for you?

Friday, December 9, 2011

We saw His star when it rose and have come to worship Him

"Where is the One who has been born King of the Jews?  We saw His star when it rose and have come to worship Him."

I read this today, and it stirred some thoughts.  When the Magi saw this star and knew what it was, they knew immediately what they would do, they would worship the new born Messiah.  I can picture them having just arrived, being there in His presence and whole heartedly wanting purely just to worship Him.  And that's when I began thinking more about Christmas time and this season, and how I want to emulate that fervor, and go & just purely worship Him.  It seems so good and right, and being a Christian, with the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of me, I think we are naturally inclined to want that as followers of Christ.  But while I can imagine what that must have been & looked like to be there in person, confronted physically with the object of worship, it's always been a little bit harder for me to wrap my head around the concept of worship for us here and now.  I know I can sing songs of praise and worship, I can pray and worship verbally that way, I can kneel, or bow while doing it, I can Worship Him by doing my best to represent Him well, by following His Word, doing His will and obeying Him, which is also to Love him.  But I do wish that I could be like those magi and more literally go and just Worship at His side.  I Love my Lord, Jesus, my King and Saviour...and as the Holiday of His birth draws near, like the Magi spotting His star that rose, I too wish to Go and Worship Him.


[9] "...[the Magi] went on their way, and the star they had seen when it rose went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was. [10] When they saw the star, they were overjoyed. [11] On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh."  -Matthew 2:9-11

Photo by Emily L. of Jones Design Company,
 which originally inspired this post today.

Friday, November 25, 2011

To Vent

Longing for friends, a community, a church home & the community that comes with that.  And a home, in Dallas, I think.  And consistent work in the film industry, on set.  Oh, and a dog.
I need to settle in somewhere.  Anywhere, just to start, start making those connections, and friendships & community.  I'd like it to be near so many of my good friends and family in Dallas.  Other dreams are Vancouver (British Columbia- Canada), or Oregon, or even Austin or L.A.

If anybody knows of some perfect solution or place we could so-cheaply afford to live in any of these areas, please send word...getting kinda desperate.

EDIT:  Wow, having written that last November 25, 2011...and reading it now, it sounded pretty pathetic & dramatic.  That was one of those hard times after leaving school in AR and being vagabonds, staying with in-laws.  I just needed some stability at that point I think  and to feel like our own family of 2 capable adults with our own home and lives.  It's still hard being away from friends our age, etc.  But things have progressed...and I'm suddenly aware that this is turning into its own post, so I might as well move this onto a new one...see above for that now...
(^edited 11/2/12)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2011 Wishlist

After I worked on figuring out what to get for everybody for Christmas, I decied to throw together all the stuff I've saved, listed, and bookmarked for myself all year, that I've thought I'd like to buy.
This year, also came along and made it easy to ‘pin’ everything one sees online that you’d like to save and remember for later.  They let you save things in categories; I have one labeled Wishlist, but there are things I'd love that are in the other categories too, like ‘Fashion’ and ‘For the Nest,’ etc. 
Then there’s Etsy too, where they let you ‘❤’ all your favorite shops and items.  So you can see all the things I want from Etsy, at my Etsy Wishlist.
Then there are past lists on Facebook, some of which is now mute, but it’s fun to look back.

Here are all the places I publicly save things I'd love to get myself (or get as gifts).
Stuff found in other parts of my Pinterest 'boards'
Etsy Favorites

And this is just my general typed-up list of some of the major points :)  
[And all the stuff in green are links you can click on for the items]
Useful things

Sewing Machine.  I REALLY want/need one…all the time!  Any experienced seamstresses feel free to tell me what might be a better one.

Paper Cutter - Any than can cut paper in strait lines, fitting letter-size paper or bigger would be preferred.  I so need one all the time.  This one looked neat: The craftlite cutter

Porteen Gear (Custom Designed) Camera bag
I REALLY want one of these, I posted all about it here.  She also sells several other accessories I’d really like- like camera straps and lens cap pockets, etc., all in her Etsy shop.  See my ‘favorite items’ of hers in my Etsy favorites list.

A Massage or gift certificate to a masseuse

Toothbrush sanitizer

Purple Pens – These are my favorite to write with

Ice Cream Maker
Have wanted one probably half my life :)  There's a romantic story behind wanting one.

Ring dish/box

A nice artist's Paintbrush set

Power tools.
I’m quite serious about wanting to build things. Have always enjoyed it, from tinker-toys and k’nex, to building club-house forts, and stage craft projects and sets. I’d like a good power drill, and air compressor with paint sprayer attachment!

Future Kitchen Needs

(Right now everything in my pattern  is dramatically on sale, some as much as 45% off)  We have two place settings right now, from our wedding.  But I’m kinda paranoid that one day they’ll discontinue my pattern before we get a complete set.  But they’re expensive.  I’d love to have pretty much any piece from the collection, especially the bigger serving items, and at least 4, 6 , or 8 whole settings.  One day in dream-world I’d love to have the entire collection for a fully set table.

A Food Processor
I was always needing one for something, but don’t have one.  This would be great.

Standing Mixer
Would love to have one of these (in silver).

Beverage Dispenser - A beautiful glass (or quality clear plastic) one, with metal spigot.  I have this perfect beautiful idea of what to do with one in the entryways of my future homes.

Crate & Barrel
Cool stuff I once accidentally found & wanted

Tea Infuser or (cheaper) scissor-handled tea infuser


A Neutral Brown Leather Bag, I do really love some of the Fossil brand ones with the rustic brass keyhole detailing.  I ‘Pinned’ all the ones I like right now, here and here.

Polarized Sunglasses.  I need some.  And I’ve also dreamt of having vintage Ray-ban Wayfarere glasses.

Watch – Have eyed some very sophisticated, beautiful watches in the luxury fashion ads of Vogue for a few years now (like Bulova, and Michael Kors), but Fossil has some really pretty similar ones I’d also enjoy, listed here

New Blue Jeans, wide or strait-leg…kinda like carpenter pants for girls.  I used to get them all the time at Old Navy, and now nobody sells them at all…I just want a comfy ‘boyfriend’ jean that doesn’t have to be fitted or ‘skinny’!

VS Giftcard. To the women I know, I have a whole wishlist of cute pajamas, jackets, clothes, etc. that I could use from there

Whiteflash ring (just a really skinny ring of tiny clear rhinestones)

Miss Cherie Dior (my ‘signature’ scent)


Conical Wand

Round brush

Just Fun

A pretty glass perfume bottle with a 'dabber' top or the old spray tops with the 'atomizer' squeeze air pump

-  Jobs in the TV/Film Industry, on set.
- A home of our own…any would do, but a couple rooms, and yard/room for a puppy would be even better.
- A garden
- A winning Lottery Jackpot, to help with all of these things