Friday, November 25, 2011

To Vent

Longing for friends, a community, a church home & the community that comes with that.  And a home, in Dallas, I think.  And consistent work in the film industry, on set.  Oh, and a dog.
I need to settle in somewhere.  Anywhere, just to start, start making those connections, and friendships & community.  I'd like it to be near so many of my good friends and family in Dallas.  Other dreams are Vancouver (British Columbia- Canada), or Oregon, or even Austin or L.A.

If anybody knows of some perfect solution or place we could so-cheaply afford to live in any of these areas, please send word...getting kinda desperate.

EDIT:  Wow, having written that last November 25, 2011...and reading it now, it sounded pretty pathetic & dramatic.  That was one of those hard times after leaving school in AR and being vagabonds, staying with in-laws.  I just needed some stability at that point I think  and to feel like our own family of 2 capable adults with our own home and lives.  It's still hard being away from friends our age, etc.  But things have progressed...and I'm suddenly aware that this is turning into its own post, so I might as well move this onto a new one...see above for that now...
(^edited 11/2/12)


  1. OOh living in Oregon sounds amazing! :) Thank you for all of the sweet comments on my blog! So glad you found me through pinterest, isn't it so addicting? Just wanted to answer your questions you had - in terms of chalkboards, it is all freehand. I love art/doodling/design so it comes pretty easy to me, just takes time & lots of patience! I have always loved drawing on chalkboards, so this just seemed like a natural fit to document my pregnancy.

    Before I got pregnant - I was doing all of the Jillian Michaels workout videos, 30 day shred, ripped up abs, etc. I despise working out, so they were a good fit for me since they were short & really gives you a great workout. On top of that, a few days of 30-45 min of cardio via running outside. Now I try to keep up with some cardio in the gym (it's getting cold here!) but excercise is very close to falling off the map!

    Would love to see some of your chalk designs! Hope that answers all of your questions! :) off to read more of your blog......

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by! My blog is still in it's baby-stage and is also (sadly) all-too-often thanks for reading, but there's probably not a whole lot of interesting stuff here yet, like yours anyway :)
    To reply in turn: Oregon IS amazing, my husband has family there, that we LOVE visiting. Your free-hand is great, thanks for answering that. I'm a chronic doodler too, so I understand. My boards were supposed to look like silly classroom doodles, so not very ornate...they're in the background of most of the videos on my school's homepage: Thanks for the workout info, and no worries, you're still a super cute 'all-tummy' pregnant momma! Thanks again, and off to read your newest blog post now.


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