Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Happier Post

So while we're in "exile" here in Arkansas from our home in Texas (as Andrew calls this), there have been some fun perks to being in the "Natural State." Especially for one such as myself who's particularly fond of Nature! We live in a duplex with a front & back 'yard' but no fence, here in a little town of Northwest Arkansas. And while we're both night owls & students with crazy busy hours of operation, I'm frequently able to catch sight of wild visitors from our back stoop at night. Right outside our back door is some kind of large evergreen, a juniper tree, lots of grass, and what we call the 'bunny bush,' a giant bushy hedge (or shrubbery?) that flowers and at the base within its dense branches a group of rabbits have a hidden entrance to their subterranean dwellings, so we frequently see them around in the grass around this bush. From that stoop I've also seen a skunk root through garbage, some pretty birds, cats, some slugs, and a lot of rabbits.

But the reason for this post was the wonderful treat of THREE recent fox spottings! I'm not sure I'd even seen wild foxes before. This Tuesday night after staying up at the school, working on the videos we're producing for the new JBU Now website rolling out this month, Andrew was taking me home at 4:30 in the morning, and we had the pleasure of seeing a beautiful fox run right across our path on Holly St. from the Admissions building to the cemetery across from the school. He had a big bushy tail with a thick white end, and when it made it across it turned to look back at us, So exciting!

Then again on the same ride home, a street before our house, we saw another darker looking fox without the white tip, run across our path again! Quite a treat :) I think we'd seen one other one much more quickly run across the street one night last week, near the sager creek bridge down town Siloam. But the two late that night was especially cool, since they're my husband's favorite animal, and while my poor husband was finally taking me home to sleep, he had to go back and keep working for another hour or so that night, so I think that time those were more for him. (I call these happy treats, love notes from God; when he shows us beautiful things just from Him, to lift our spirits!)

Anyway, I couldn't offer actual pictures of ours, but I found some beautiful images of Foxes that were taken in Arkansas by the this photographer, Pat Gaines.

May you have some wild adventures of your own this week, and keep an eye out for those love notes of your own! :)

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