Monday, November 1, 2010

This New Blog

About the Blog & a little on Us
I've been wanting to have a nice little place to keep our thoughts, stories, and our friends & family in-the-loop about updates in our little family of two as we go along.

So that's what this blog will be. We're two married-students in the our last year of undergrad University Education, here at John Brown University, in little Siloam Springs, Arkansas. We're Texans (whose families both moved us around a lot of other places growing up), and we can't wait to get back to Dallas, or wherever the Lord takes us, when we finally graduate this coming May (you can pray for us on that).

We're both transfer Digital Cinema students here, technically majoring in Digital Media Arts w/ emphasis in Cinema, and I'm minoring in Graphic Design. We love making movies together, and hope to stay filmmakers in some capacity for the length of our careers. We've both got quite a few short films & other professional freelance productions under our belt, plus internships on one feature-length film, Searching for Sonny; coming out this Spring.

Andrew's an aspiring Director with amazing talent for leading, Producing, and Editing. And I kinda like to do it all. I'm striving for Production Design, because I love art and making a mythical word & all it's details come to life. Think the underground Goblin Market of Hellboy, or any of the locations of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, or InkHeart, etc. But I also really enjoy other roles like coaching/directing the acting, or script-supervising for continuity. And my first production job in videography at Irving Bible Church made me fall in love with lighting & shooting well composed video from behind a camera. So we'll see where all this leads.

Current Going Ons

Right now we're both pretty strung out & tired from working as co-Producers of our Sr. Project film, From Below. I'm acting Production Designer & Andrew's Director, though there's clearly a lot more than just these two roles for the both of us. We've got a good team of fellow Cinema students helping us on each production day, and last year's JBU alumni Tyson Banks is our amazing Cinematographer.
With a lot of help from the crew, we've shot some amazing footage already, but this is our last weekend with several of our biggest scenes to accomplish. There's a whole 'underground' shanty town to build from nothing & a bunch of costumes & props to make/acquire by Friday w/ almost no budget. Please pray for us this week that we can get it all pulled off in time.

Production Still Frame by DP, Tyson Banks

In the mean time, You can click here to download the Quicktime file of the rough cut from some of the earlier scenes we shot. This Facebook album by our Production Photographer, Josh Adams, has some Production stills of shooting days, and Trent Chopski (Assistant Director) has some more in this album. You can also follow some of Andrew's Production posts on what the movie is up to, over at the Foothold Productions Blog. If you didn't already know, Foothold Productions is the unofficial name by which all of our Armstrong films are made under. Its title comes from the Scottish Armstrong clan roots.

Anyway, if you've read along this far, you probably really care about us :) And we'd love for you to "follow" our blog by pushing that button over on the side, or subscribing to the feed, which I admit I have no idea how those work. Please keep coming back for updates on what we're up to.

Love you guys, and Happy November!
-Krystal & Andrew :)

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