Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Vintage" Style

Ok, so this might be more modern typography than vintage, I just liked this letterpress (by Capsule)

So I've been going through a real 'love of vintage style' phase for a while now. Not necessarily implemented in my own clothing style yet, but I've had a real thing for it, and love it when I see it, and maybe one day when I can buy a whole new wardrobe, I'd love to infuse it with a lot of new pieces like that.

Letterpress Biz Cards by Two Paper Dolls

I have a sneaking suspicion it all came from a combination of falling in love with vintage letter-press style before I started to get ramped up for the Typography class I knew I'd be taking for Graphic Design here... and having watched Good Night, and Good Luck. I may have always appreciated things about these styles, but it's become more obvious to me in the last few years. This year I'm seeing it come up more referred to as "the Mad Men look." I haven't even seen this show yet, but I think I'd like to. From what I've gathered, I may need to be kindof wary of the content, but the setting & fashion of the time is certainly appealing.

Costume design of Mand Men

So this "look," as far as fashion goes, is really just late '50s / mostly1960s inspired clothing. There's something about it. It gets back to a time of more easily defined/identifiable roles as far as masculinity & femininity; which is kindof refreshing. Ladies were definitely, and quintessentially, feminine. Pretty hair, cinched waists, heels, nice jewelry, pearls, bows, faces made up. Men in their well-tailored suits, ties, and the hats, oh the fedoras! (swoon) Of course I'm idealizing it, but it seemed a very classy time, with a definite sexiness to all that polished simplicity.


As I said, this vintage style has also piqued my interest in the Graphic Design area.  I'm really liking older natural looks with texture, and imagery from that time. Though when it comes to paper goods, I admit my taste for older style may actually encompass a much wider time-span, as I see myself drawn to old woodblock prints of things like antique cameras and bicycles, etc.

I adore the blockprint bunnies of Oh, Little Rabbit

Some really cool 'vintage' style letterpress, by Adam Ramerth

All that to say, it's really fun & inspiring. Makes me want to get really creative somehow. So right now, while I can't afford to infuse my wardrobe with it at the moment; I'm hoping to maybe make this year's Arties a "Mad Men" theme...because back then they had some super stylish parties!
And Rachel (my future sister-in-law) has talked about letting me do the invitations & print work designs for all their wedding stuff this Summer...and I would love it, if she would let me work in some of that style/theme in those pieces of her wedding! Especially the letter press stuff. They'd go especially perfectly with her colors of Tiffany Blue & Red :D

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