Saturday, March 26, 2011


I promised some photos from our Anniversary Safari trip!  So here are a bunch of pretty animals.  We took photos of a ton more, but here are the highlights, and I will for sure put them all in an album on my Facebook page soon!
Oh and disclaimer- the sun kept changing on me so they're not all perfect...this is pre-editing, mind you.  But the new lens Andrew got me did amazingly on its own anyway!

This is a Scottish Highland Cow (or coo, as Andrew's taught me).  He kinda makes me think of Falkor the Luck Dragon or some other Jim Henson creature!

I guess this ostrich is albino.  Isn't he a beauty with his blue eyes and white feathers?

We just thought this was hilarious.  The people who broke the rules and opened their windows to feed the animals had all the camels swarm the car and one didn't get enough treats apparently, so he started chewing the car!

These fancy little deer things may have been my very favorite, they were so cute and pretty, and hung out in herds.  When sleeping they camouflaged brilliantly!

Another of my Luck Dragon friend ;)

 There were lots of exotic creatures, but some good ole Texas boys, too!  Which I appreciated :)

He's just like the quintessential 'burnt orange' Texas Longhorn, no?

baby Buffalo

This little baby was precious.

Tiger eyes!  Would have been a lot cooler if the grass wasn't in the way....or if they weren't in cages!

Canadian Goose, so wonder they get put on money.

I thought these exotic ducks sure were pretty & photogenic.

Crocodiles sure do smile don't they?!

These ponies make me think of Ireland, mostly because of that cover article of National Geographic from the early ' remember that one, right?  I used to have a subscription as a kid...miss it.

The peacocks were running rampant and sure gave us some great shots!  Such pretty colors!

Patagonian Cavies!  My new favorite rodent.

Aren't these two a pair!?

These two little ones were roommates.
This little guy let me feed him some cute.

You may guess that the red kangaroos were one of my favorite parts of the you could pet them!  They sure made these little girls happy!

We got to know one another...

...Then were well acquainted enough to have a little conversation...he wasn't so sure we saw eye-to-eye on our differing philosophies.

photo by Andrew

photo by Andrew

I also really loved the pack of Grey Wolves...they're just so cool and mellow; you know they think they run the place ;)

I like symmetry.

I believe this is a Zedonk...Zebra + Donkey.  Funny character.

Just thought this was pretty cool looking, very Hitchcockian, ya know?

Look at this cutey- playing coy.  Was definitely awake and put its paw up at us just as we were taking photos.  What a poser ;)

Reindeer!!  I don't know if I've seen any real ones before!

That's all for now, like I said, there are lots more, and maybe I'll get them edited too, before posting the rest on Facebook.

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