Monday, May 16, 2011


I've always been enchanted with glass, especially colored glass, in pretty much any form- stained glass, perfume bottles, glass art sculptures, even practical things like vases, cups, and pitchers.

I grew up with a few pieces like this around the house,
my dad was a fan.
From my visit to Notre Dame

I especially love when those latter things (even in their clear, colorless forms) are filled with hued liquids, add a splash of sunlight, and it's a thing of pure beauty that warms the heart.  For this reason I've always favored glass to the porcelain mugs that coffees and teas are traditionally served in...they just make the beverage so much prettier and more appetizing, I think!

A cup I took at an outdoor cafe in Amsterdam

So when this new trendy coffee & tea shop, Pour Jon's, opened up in down town Siloam, I was was thrilled to be served our tea in these super cute little glass teapots & cups.  I've gone back to enjoy tea with my husband & friends several times since.

The Republic of Tea's Glass Tea Cup & Saucer

I've always wanted a pretty glass teapot/kettle, and have had them on my registries & wish-lists for a few years now.  I've even admired some really cool ones at Starbucks for awhile.  I've been wanting these certain pots that allow for loose-leaf tea steeping, with their built-in filters.

Click for webpage
But after enjoying a few of the pots at Pour Jon's I noticed that theirs were provided by the Republic of Tea company, and I've officially added their individual personal pot to my list.  Probably the coolest part about them, apart from their simple glass shape, is their clever spiral wire filter that sits in the spout to sift out any leaves from pouring into your cup!  So perfect!  And so pretty to watch all those beautiful tea leaves steeping in the pot without a worry :)

Perfect Three Cuppa Teapot

I was just excited about this new little addition to my future dream home.  I can just picture having this pretty little pot and a whole matching set of those cups & saucers for guests to enjoy tea and company together.  I even imagine completing the image with a few large glass canisters on the counter with favorite flavors of their loose leaf teas.  
When I was younger my dad got us a couple cans of Republic of Tea loose leaf teas (I recall the one with the tiger in the label's picture), but I remember not often using it because we didn't have such convenient methods for steeping it.  So this would be a great way to further the tradition of those yummy flavors I'd see at bookstores, and now be able to enjoy with my own grown-up tea set!

Oh, and while re-visiting their site, I found that I'm also in love with these little tea cups too...see, just soo much prettier in glass, where you can see that beautiful, colored liquid!

Tea cups, Republic of Tea.  I'd personally opt for a few sets of the 9oz version.

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