Monday, January 2, 2012

Yoga...So apparently it's kinda fun

So a few weeks back I decided I really want to get involved in some kind of adult fitness classes to lean and lengthen my muscles (and to get more fit all over).  I decided I'd aim for ballet, pilates &/or yoga... since they're all kinda like dance which tends to stretch and lengthen muscle tone...and I just miss being in dance.
Knowing that we're moving with Andrew's parents to a place in north San Antonio come the beginning of February, I started looking up options for such classes & studios, in that S.A. area.  I figured the New Year would also mean there are good deals because of everybody's New Year's resolution sales.  I found a nice YMCA with some good classes near the house, and even a really great looking Women's fitness center & spa that also offers 24 hr equipment access + classes to boot.
     Then I realized the New Year was about to start and I really didn't need/want to waste a whole month of not being active, here in New Braunfels, before we move into the City.  And after looking into those other places I realized most places offer discounted or free classes for the new customers, so I went ahead and started looking to see what might be offered here for me to take advantage of in this last month in NB.
     Being a small town there isn't a lot offered, but I did find this really neat little yoga studio in Gruene Lake Village (the cutest little, new, shop/boutique community I'd never seen before).  They have a really great website that gave me a lot of confidence in them and info all about all their classes, and each instructor, etc.  It's kinda pricey, but I went ahead and decided to go for it, just buying the Beginner's $20 unlimited first week, so I can go to as many classes as I'd like, for this whole week.  Oh and they have "Happy Hour" yoga every Friday for just $5 at the door, so I'll probably do at least those for the next couple weeks, too.
     Tonight I went to my first Basics & Beyond class.  I started off by being late, ugh.  They wanted me there 10 minutes early, so I tried to be even earlier, but of course I got a little turned around trying to find it, and ended up a couple minutes late to the class.  Not a great 1st step, since I was afraid I'd throw off their Chi by walking in late and I might have to miss the whole class.  But the instructor welcomed me at the door, and let me in, and despite her casting aside my mat saying "that won't do" and lending me one of their 'proper' ones to use, it went quite well from there.
     It was an hour and 15 minutes, and I had pretty good form all the way through, thanks to my lessons in posture (dance and choir), positions from ballet, and naturally good balance.  Which was very encouraging to hear when my stances were "beautiful."  Apart from not exactly knowing what some of the words meant, or if my head was in the right direction, and having my naturally pointed toes being corrected to flex my feet instead (another dance habit) was all pretty easy to do and understand.  And of course that obvious boost of good mood endorphins from working out was present at the end of it all.  I'm sure it's from the stretching, and new uses of muscles, but nothing like a shot of positive reinforcement to also put you in a good mood!
     Oh and the cherry on top, was that it was a perfect day to start, since yesterday Andrew's Mommy bought me this really fun, crazy, hot-pink tank top I wanted, just for working out in.  The color, "90s Pink," is so bright & crazy it can't not make you it was fun to have a new piece of workout clothing to wear too!  All in all a fun experience, and I'm looking forward to the other classes I go to this week, though I'm a little nervous about attending any that doesn't specifically say 'beginner' or 'basic' in the title, so I might only get to do 3 total this week, according to the schedule.

And here is a photo of me after my first yoga my happy new hot-pink tank top.  Neon sure brings me back to my childhood, does it for you?

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