Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Quiet Morning

Funny how little things make your thoughts go unexpected places.
     Since Husband doesn't eat breakfast and is gone right now, I was making myself a nice meal of turkey sausage, blueberry whole grain waffles and eggs (love breakfast!)  As I stand there scrambling eggs I begin to wish I could make them as good as my Granddad.  And suddenly I'm missin' him something sore!  On this quiet morning I'd decided to keep myself company with our favorite Sunday morning Pandora station, Traditional Country Hymns.*  Of course once I start thinking about my GrandDad, "I'll Fly Away" was the next song to come up.  This song will always make me think of him, as sort of his anthem.  He was an awesome pilot, and it was one of the hymns my Grandmother picked to be sung at his funeral.

So when I bucked up, and finished cooking, and was sitting in my little breakfast nook staring out the bay window as I ate, admiring the sunlight dancing through the leaves in all the big trees that line our backyard [writing-pause as my bridal song "Be Thou Vision" just came on :)]...  suddenly a big wind gusts through and all these magical leaves fluttered down through my backyard from the treetops above.  ...So Beautiful.
Especially with the nice background music.

I may not be with family, or back home in Texas, but I'm very aware of what a beautiful place God has me in right now.  Right where He wants me to be.  It's a nice part of America, it's "The Natural State" which He knew I'd like, I'm still in my home country, land of the free, home of the brave.  And this is just as nice a place to land :)

'So Blessed and looked after, by my true Father in Heaven.

As posted to Instagram yesterday, but right on theme for this week God and I have shared alone, at home:
"The butterfly love note God sent.  While I was waking up, laying in bed, it landed on my window in the morning light.  And flapped and showed off its wings for quite a while for me :)   A nice visitor since I didn't have my Roo to wake up to."

*That station is awesome, it's so fun, and inspiring, and mostly filled with the beloved songs I grew up with in Church (and wish I still heard more these days).  But if you don't like 'old stuff' a lot of the songs are done by newer bands (Third Day, etc.) with just enough modern twist, but with the familiar lyrics and tunes.  'Just makes you feel good.  Even if you're not a Believer, you should try it, I think they're just fun songs to make for a Happy morning!

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